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GCF gathers funds from a variety of donors— individuals, families, businesses, and organizations.

Grangeville Community Foundation (GCF) is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization created by the people of Grangeville for the people of Grangeville. GCF’s vision is to create a vibrant and healthy community for ourselves and for future generations.

As a community foundation, GCF accepts gifts from Grangeville supporters and makes grants to benefit the community. GCF, in partnership with the Idaho Community Foundation, grows those donations over time in an endowment, a permanent community savings account invested to generate income.

GCF takes a percentage of the funds’ earnings and distributes them through a locally controlled grants program.

GCF helps guide people toward solving local issues, inspires community investment, and instills a tradition of philanthropy in Grangeville families. To learn more, download the GCF Pay It Forward brochure.

For more information, email, write us at P.O. Box 487, Grangeville, ID 83530, or contact a board member listed below.


A Brief History

The groundwork for Grangeville Community Foundation was accomplished through the efforts of the Grangeville Horizons Steering Committee. With mentoring and grant funding from 2003-2011, a variety of community projects—from the purchase of a much-needed freezer for the food bank to the installation of holiday lighting at Pioneer Park—were completed. The Steering Committee saw the impacts that small amounts of funding can make in Grangeville and agreed to support the creation of a permanent community endowment with remaining grant funds.

In January 2012, Grangeville Horizons members, Andrea Solberg and Mary Jahn, joined by John Bennett, Mary Schmidt, and Jane Spencer, formalized the development of Grangeville Community Foundation as an affiliate of the Idaho Community Foundation. The five Grangeville residents currently serve as GCF’s volunteer Board of Directors.

Since April 2012, Board members have been encouraging Grangeville supporters to join the GCF. Individuals, families, and businesses have answered the call and GCF’s funds have grown to $200.000.

Board of Directors 

The founding and current volunteer Board of Directors include:

John Bennett
John, a retired lumber industry executive, is a lifelong resident of northern Idaho. John has been on many local non-profit boards as well as several terms on the board of the Idaho Community Foundation, Idaho Commission on the Arts, and Idaho Forest Products Commission. John is committed to the long-term sustainability of charitable organizations in small communities. John can be contacted at (208) 983-4198.

Kristi Brooks
Kristi was born and raised in Grangeville. She left the area to pursue a career on the East Coast after graduating from the University of Idaho. She returned to Grangeville in 2007 and in 2015 retired from a 22-year career in Sales and Store Development with Starbucks Coffee Company. Kristi is a past Vice President of the Syringa Hospital Foundation Board and currently manages the foundation's all-volunteer Thrift Store. To contact Kristi, call (208) 451-6082.

Cristy Imus
A retired bookkeeper, Cristy is a member of the Syringa Hospital Foundation. She cares about the Grangeville community and is interested in community development. Cristy is a housewife, mother and grandmother. She and her husband, Mark, have been Grangeville residents for over 10 years. Cristy can be reached at (208) 507-1152.

Mary Jahn
A freelance graphic designer, Mary has been assisting community organizations and businesses for over 30 years. She also served as coordinator for the 202-mile Northwest Passage Scenic Byway and co-chair of the Grangeville Horizons Steering Committee. Mary and her retired husband, Phil, have been Grangeville residents for over 20 years. Contact Mary at (208) 983-5962.

Nadine Knowles
Following their dreams to one day retiring in Idaho County, Nadine and her husband moved to Grangeville in 2013. Nadine worked with school age children at a state funded grant program for 6 years and has a continuing interest in nurturing youth. Involvement in local community development has always been important to her and was one of the reasons she sought membership on the board. She currently works for U. S. Bank. Contact Nadine at (208) 451-3012.

Andrea Solberg
Andrea, a certified elementary teacher, served as the Executive Director for the Kids Klub after-school program from 2001-2005. She is past president of the Grangeville Booster Club, the Parent Teacher Association and The Kids Klub Inc. Board of Directors. She was co-chair of the Grangeville Horizons Steering Committee and currently serves as the treasurer for Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Andrea and her husband, Don, own the Solberg Agency. Andrea can be contacted at (208) 507-0095.

Jane Spencer
Jane came to Grangeville in 1976 to work for the Nezperce National Forest. Since that time, she has been very active in the community, particularly in education and arts. She is an attorney and past president of Syringa Hospital Foundation. Jane and her husband, Craig, own Spencer Ranch, Inc. Jane serves as the GCF Grant Chairperson and can be reached at (208) 507-0592.

GCF Funds

The Legacy Endowment Fund is a permanent charitable savings account held in trust by the Idaho Community Foundation for the benefit of the community. A percentage of the earnings is distributed in the community through a local grants program; the remainder of the earnings becomes part of the endowment’s principal. Through careful spending and long-term investing, the account grows over time and the distributions gradually increase.

The Community Fund
is a non-endowed fully expendable fund that allows for immediate distributions and maximum flexibility.

Unless otherwise designated, 70% of all contributions are allocated to the GCF Legacy Endowment Fund and 30% to the GCF Community Fund.

GCF Grants

Grants ranging from $250-$1,000 and are awarded to eligible organizations or individuals within 5 miles of the Grangeville city limits or whose primary purpose is to benefit Grangeville.

Since 2013, GCF has awarded over $21,000, to Grangeville organizations. This year, GCF expects to award over $6,000 in grants to Grangeville organizations at the 2017 award celebration on Thursday, November 2, 2017.

The grant application cycle is open from August 1st through September 29th with notification of successful applicants by October 15th. The 2017 guidelines and application forms are available for download here. NOTE: before filling out the grant application, please read the instructions in the Grant Guidelines.
Guidelines | Application

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our e-mail address is or contact Grant Chairperson Jane Spenser (208)507-0592 for more information.

GCF Events

November 2017
The annual GCF grant award event will be on Thursday, November 2nd, 5-7PM at the Senior Citizens Center.

November 2016
The Appreciation & Grant Awards Celebration on November 3rd at Grangeville Senior Citizens Center featured Grangeville Police Chief, Morgan Drew, as the guest speaker. During the event sponsored by Avista Utilities, 16 grants totaling $6,037 were awarded. Click here to read the GCF 2016 Newsletter.

May 2016

“I am so honored to be the recipient of this award,” smiled Kathy Stefani at the Grangeville High School concert May 4. Stefani was recognized with the 2016 Orrin and Eleanora Webb Community Giving Award from the Grangeville Community Foundation.

“Orrin would be particularly pleased because he loved music and appreciated it so much when Kathy’s choral groups sang for him,” announced Jane Spencer, GCF board member. “And he appreciated her efforts to make the Grangeville schools music department shine.” Spencer explained how Stefani has taken the effort to make sure every child who wants to play an instrument has an instrument, whether they can afford it or not. “I admire and respect Kathy for all these things, but most of all for the wonderful example she sets for the kids. She shows them the joy of doing your job well, with enthusiasm, quiet competence and confidence. She involves the community as she can,” Spencer added. “Giving of herself is what she does, which is what philanthropy is.”

Included in the night’s awards from GCF was $250 for the GHS music department and $250 for the Grangeville Elementary Middle School music department.

November 2015
GCF awarded nine grants totaling $3,745 at the annual grant award event on November 5th.
Since 2013, GCF has awarded a total of $15,000 to hard-working Grangeville organizations.

May 2015
Grangeville Community Foundation hosted the second annual Orrin and Eleanora Webb Community Giving Award celebration at The Gallery on May 7th. The celebration honored the Webb's generosity to the community and recognized Idaho County Recycling for their successful volunteer recycling program in Grangeville.

Janie Fluharty, who spoke on behalf of Idaho County Recycling, congratulated all the volunteers who came forward in 2009 to start a sustainable, no-cost-to-the-county, permanent recycling solution. The county recycling program now has about 180 volunteers, takes in about 60,000 pounds a month and runs year-round. Fluharty thanked the many local businesses, individuals and organizations who have helped make the program a success. “Without all of you here in the community working toward this, it wouldn’t have happened, so thank you,” she said.

An “on-the-spot” grant drawing was made with Grangeville Elementary Middle School student River Phillips’ name being drawn. He chose for the $250 grant to go to the GEMS art program. His father, Patrick, is the art teacher. River has also been a volunteer at the recycling center in Grangeville for the past two years.